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When A Rose Has A Grassheart

When A Rose Has A Grassheart on

A favorite flower with a new twist

Everyone wants the underdog to win. We’re thrilled when the frog becomes a prince when every Cinderella meets her Prince Charming, when the athlete with the most strikes against him wins the game, and when the wallflower becomes the belle of the ball.

That’s what makes the story of the grassheart rose all the more enchanting. No one was supposed to have fallen in love with this most unique of roses – but when growers first looked upon the rose with the grassy center, they saw something beautiful and worthy.

Grassheart roses began as an experiment

When it comes to roses, breeders are always experimenting to create and develop new strains and varieties. The goal is always to find something new and exciting, blooms that not only look gorgeous, but that also provides an additional selling point, such as a longer vase life.

The grassheart rose is the result of one such cross-breeding experiment. As the flower opened, a tiny green heart appeared in the center, the result of an overzealous stem pushing its way through the petals. At first, Dutch breeders thought the flower was a failure – but, they thought, it did have a long stem, and there was something quite unique about the colorful petals with a green center.

Grasshearts make their debut

The developers then brought a bunch of the roses to a flower show with expectations that they and the grasshearts would be laughed out of the exhibition. After all, they feared, how could such an ugly, deformed rose ever hold a candle to the beauty of the long-admired standards?

A Belgian exporter purchased a small number, and they immediately sold out. A niche market, eager for something new, appreciated the unique and rare beauty of the newcomer.

Grasshearts take center stage

If the floral industry had its own version of My Fair Lady, the appearance of grassheart roses at the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show surely would be it.

Neill Strain, the celebrity florist out of London, searched the globe for new and unique roses to be part of his “A Celebration of the Rose” showcase. He discovered the grasshearts and used them in exquisite hand-tied Haute Couture Bouquets – and a rose star was born.

Characteristics of the grassheart roses

The overly eager stem pushing the green flower base through the center of the petals is just one small part of the grasshearts charm as a cut flower. It’s also a sexless flower – there are no ovaries, pistils, or stamen. As a result, grasshearts have a longer vase life (up to 16 days) than traditional roses.

While that certainly is a major plus for any cut flower, we at HOSA International just love the story of the rose that shouldn’t be now taking its place among so many other blooming lovelies. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer a colorful selection of grassheart roses, now grown in Colombia and Ecuador.

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