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What’s in a Name? A Closer Look at Our Unique Rose Varieties

What’s in a Name? A Closer Look at Our Unique Rose Varieties on

Is it time you expanded your rose selection?

When most folks think about roses, they almost certainly picture the color red. Red roses are some of the most (if not the most) popular flowers to give and receive. But, of course, they’re not the only variety that roses are available in. At HOSA, we have an assortment of roses in all sorts of colors and varieties, including:


Who says only the stems have to be green? Our Lemonade Roses have a delicate light green hue with a yellow center. Similarly, our Green Fashion Roses have lush petals with a lovely touch of pink along the edges.

In accordance with color psychology, green is associated with nature and the natural state. The color green is supposed to radiate feelings of restfulness, soothing, cheer, and peace. Therefore, it’s important to remember that green isn’t simply for the stem—it may be time to add this offering to your florists!


We carry many roses that come in a rich hot pink hue, including the Pink Modial variety which is deemed the most popular shade of pink to be featured in weddings. This delicate rose has a large head and beautiful, rounded petals with green-tinted tips. Another bright variety, Queenberry, is a bold flower that always looks lovely in a centerpiece or as part of a bouquet.


Our orange roses are offered in many different shades. For a bright arrangement, tycoon roses are the way to go. They’re a stunning yellowish-orange hue that will be sure to catch your florist’s eye.

For a bold touch, Confidencial Roses are an amazing blend of orange, yellow, and red sunset shades. And, according to color psychology, orange is often correlated with feelings of happiness and hope. Therefore, it’s a perfect addition to your list of offerings!


Yellow roses are perfect for a colorful bouquet, and they range from light-colored to much darker shades. To add a bold touch to your offerings, Brighton Roses are a high-impact color with bright notes. Similarly, Galileo Roses done deep yellow tones with gold shadings. We at HOSA have many varieties of yellow flowers, and we are sure that at least one of them will captivate you and your customers.


Lavender is a gorgeous color that, believe it or not, is not very common among flowers. Our cool water roses are dusky lavender with pink undertones that open into star-shaped blooms. Meanwhile, our Deep Purple Toses have a lighter pink center that spirals out into deep lavender.


The great thing about roses is that they don’t have to just be one color. Our Illusion varieties are two-toned, where the outside petals are one shade (blue, orange, or red, for example), but the center is white. We make Illusion Roses possible by painting the edges of white roses, thus expanding the possibilities of our offerings.

Red roses are certainly exquisite flowers, but they’re definitely not the only variety available. When it comes to flowers, it can be easy to fall back on what’s familiar. To make sure your florists give their customers a big selection of roses to choose from, get in touch with HOSA. We can supply you with all the red roses you need, along with some of our many other unique varieties. Contact us today.

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