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The Bouquets, They Are A-Changin’

The Bouquets, They Are A-Changin’ on

A new generation is changing design

To paraphrase a classic Bob Dylan song, the bouquets, they are a-changin’ – and they’re changing with the times.

No longer content to be limited to traditional shapes and styles, bouquets and other arrangements are breaking free of the confines of their wrappings and reaching beyond their round or cascading barriers. They’re going wild.

Flowers are finding freedom

While traditional styles are not completely out of fashion, environmentally-conscious consumers are eager to put a new spin on the tried-and-true arrangement. Once known as a part of shabby or country chic, the new bouquet now goes by the name rustic or boho, short for bohemian.

Taking a more organic approach, bouquets are now using traditional blooms – such as roses and lilies and alstroemeria – and combining them with locally sourced plants, twigs, seasonal selections, seed pods, fruit, and edible greens. Even local grasses and roadside wildflowers have made appearances in some bouquets.

The result is a skillfully-crafted bouquet with a just-picked appearance.

A new look with a long history

Although the boho – or whatever name you wish to use – bouquet is new, it has a history. British society florist Constance Spry (1886 – 1960) was the first style maven to combine traditional blooms with more unconventional ones. Spry, who designed the flowers for Queen Elizabeth’s wedding and Coronation, had a core philosophy that wildflowers and weeds could be just as at home in a bouquet or arrangement as, say, roses.

The only thing that kept her ideas from becoming a movement was the fact that there was no such thing as social media then. In today’s 21st-century marketplace, Instagram is allowing local farmers, growers, and suppliers to spread the word that all of nature has a place in a floral arrangement.

It’s a generation thing

The arrival of a wilder bouquet coincides nicely with a growing group of consumers: Millennials. The generation known for being digitally connected is also environmentally sensitive, aspiring to live a more organic and biophilic life.

As a group, they are reigniting interest in camping, hiking, and experiencing nature in ways that Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers did not. In a list of 5 workplace changes that can make Millennials happy, Forbes included adding a little nature. Employers should encourage staff to get outside to rejuvenate and alleviate stress. When they can’t, then nature should be invited in with the help of shade-loving plants and – you guessed it – the new bouquets and floral arrangements.

HOSA International and the new arrangements

HOSA International provides a colorful assortment of flowers perfect for the new wild arrangements, as well as for more traditional styles. Our alstroemeria and spray roses work especially well with local, seasonal blooms and accessories.

For more information about HOSA International, our flowers, our policies, and what we can do for you, or to place a wholesale order, call us at 305.470.9991 or complete our online form.

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