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Technology Meet Flowers: AI for the Floral Industry

Technology Meet Flowers: AI for the Floral Industry on

Flowers may be ancient, but they’re going high-tech

Science fiction novels are full of technology that seems relegated to the distant future. It’s hard to imagine robots walking around wearing realistic human faces, cars that navigate through roadways in the sky, and artificial intelligence that integrates and interacts with us so completely every day. Well, that future isn’t so distant after all. Artificial intelligence (AI) is already here, and it’s snuck into places where you may not expect it, and in applications, you use every day without even realizing it. What can we expect in the floral industry? How will it change the way we do business going forward?

Not all AI is created equally

When we think of AI, we often let our imaginations run wild. We think of holograms that can hear our commands, respond to our unique inquires, and maybe even have thoughts and emotions of their own. That’s not where we’re at with AI. AI has been with us for a while in the form of automated phone calls. We all hate the “press 1 for this department” but our agitation at running through computer prompts when calling a business is one of the first forms of AI businesses have taken advantage of. While Siri and Cortana seem like grown-up sisters to those call centers, they’re all considered weak AI. These are systems that have been “trained” or programmed for a specific task, and it already knows all it needs to know.

Strong AI, on the other hand, is AI that can learn and grow on its own. It has the power to address unfamiliar issues and find a solution to the problem.

AI is already part of the floral industry

We’ve gone digital, so it’s not hard to link chatbots with their predecessors, the call center. That is certainly a form of AI. But all businesses have access to chatbots. While it can certainly benefit the floral industry, it’s not unique to it.

Maybe a bit more unique to the floral industry is the AI that analyzes the chemical components of wash water for plants. By analyzing the water, the program can determine – on its own – if more disinfectant is needed.

It’s believed that AI will move beyond figuring out tasks and needs and move into the realm of predicting the future. We already do this with data, learning trends and assessing the risk to businesses. AI would be able to do this more accurately and much quicker, scanning data and projecting future outcomes of different plans. This includes contamination risks to our plants.

A brave new future

We’re moving into an interesting and exciting period for business. AI is firmly in place, streamlining customer experiences and freeing time for humans to do the essential tasks of making a business run.

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