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How Technology Can Enhance the Wholesale Floral Industry

How Technology Can Enhance the Wholesale Floral Industry on

Plugging in to grow your business

When it comes to the floral industry avoiding technology in the operation of various aspects of business, there are plenty of theories. There’s the fear factor – a fear that human jobs will be lost – and the intimidation factor – too many clicks and swipes.

Perhaps the true reason is that when it comes to handling living things, there really isn’t anything digital. Flowers are, after all, warm and full of emotion. Technology, not so much. Unfortunately, this can result in a multi-billion dollar industry and its offshoots failing to grow to their fullest potential.

Getting business to grow

When it comes to gardening, the best place to start is to provide the right growing conditions: sunlight, moisture, and healthy soil. For businesses in the 21st century, those building blocks are – for better or for worse – readily available in our tech-savvy world.

By nurturing digital “soil,” businesses can manage and improve sales, inventory, and communication.

Establishing a presence

At the top of the to-do list is establish an online presence through one or multiple platforms: webpage, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and however else a business can reach potential consumers. In this day and age, consumers want convenience – the ability to order whenever and from wherever they happen to be.

As important as it is to increase sales while reaching out, it’s equally important to increase sales by examining and improving what’s happening on the inside. The sales team needs to have all the essential tools at their fingertips to make the consumer’s experience easy and satisfying. In other words, they need to have access to real-time inventory as well as an ability to order vendor products on an as-needed basis, so the business does not have to purchase material in bulk.

Real-time, real-world management

Because the floral industry is dealing with live plants, managing stock in the most efficient manner is an essential component of success and profitability. There are a host of management platforms that help streamline the process. Many of these provide:

• Live inventory aging data so the sales team can see the freshest plants available

• POS modules that allow customers to use various payment methods that can be integrated with standard POS hardware, such as receipt printers, swipe readers, bar code readers, and cash drawers

• Purchase order management for multiple locations

• Real-time inventory management by location to see what’s on-hand, inbound, and on-hold

• Real-time alerts

• Accounting integration

• System integration with growers, importers, and wholesalers to be better able to view and sell live material

• Custom report generation

Staying connected is key

At the end of the day, technology provides a means for all participants to stay connected in a more hectic and complex world. With a floral supply chain that’s literally wrapped around the world, one that transports live material between continents, the floral industry needs technology. It’s a means to a very profitable day in a rapidly changing marketplace.

At HOSA International, we use technology to assist us in growing the healthiest and freshest flowers, as well as to deliver our beautiful selections to you. Along the way, technology helps us keep you informed – because at the heart of the flower business is the people who make it all possible.

For more information about HOSA, our flowers, our policies, and what we can do for you, or to place an order, call us at 305.470.9991 or complete our online form.

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