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Spring Wedding Flowers to Bring New Life

Spring Wedding Flowers to Bring New Life on

A celebration of life and color

Fall weddings in 2018 were dominated by darker, more natural colors. While they were dramatic and gorgeous, spring weddings are a stark contrast, and for a good reason. The long winter is over, the cold and the dark is behind us. Before us is budding life and a festival of colors. Spring weddings hold a special place in many hearts because, while the earth is being reborn and thriving with new life, so too are coupled starting a new life together. Love has come to fruition, and a joined life is budding before loving couples.

As with fall weddings, spring weddings have the unique opportunity to use the fresh, bright colors around them that are blooming in nature, to bring an earthy, natural feel to their vows.

Don’t pass on the pastel

What better way to celebrate a shared life and the changing weather than with soft, vivid colors? This year a favorite among brides is trending toward peonies and tulips. The traditionally spring flowers are a hit because of their variety of colors to make bouquets as unique as the brides carrying them. Garden roses and sweet peas are another favorites we’re hearing a lot about. They can add a depth of color and aesthetics to your bouquet, and really, who doesn’t love roses on their wedding day?

Nothing says beauty and sun than the combination of whites and yellows. Yellow adds a cheery splash of color, where white ties the bouquet to the dress. There are so many ways you can add these colors to your arrangement, but a few of our favorites come from poppies, roses, and ranunculus.

Adding a touch of wild abandon to a bouquet is as simple as including hellebores. The smaller flower packs a visual punch and looks like they were freshly picked from a field on the way to the wedding. Give the wedding bouquet a dreamy touch by adding scabiosa to the mix. We think the combination of these two flowers would look stunning in the longer wedding bouquet, which is a hit this season as well!

The one arrangement that’s stealing our hearts is the unstructured bouquet. This one is longer and wilder. It isn’t neat or trimmed. It’s just flowers, grouped together, and doing their own thing in the bride’s hands. We think the unstructured bouquet is a great symbol of spring and the rapid changes the earth is going through as it ushers in life.

Saturate your bouquet

Darker, more somber colors haven’t died out with the passing of winter. They’re claiming their place in spring bouquets, but when they’re used, it’s as an accent color enhancing the softer colors that comprise the arrangement. Why not go dark and bright?

Many brides are choosing to shock with their bouquet by using dark, vivid colors that draw attention and make a startling statement. These colors are typically darker pinks and brighter reds, blending together in the most beautiful way. The great news is brides don’t necessarily have to choose out-of-season flowers to go dark! Spring has its share of dark colors when lilies, tulips, or gerbera daisies are chosen.

As with fall trends, spring bouquets aren’t relying just on flowers to spread their message of love. Bringing in other natural elements besides flowers keeps a bouquet rustic and earthy. This is easy to capture with wispy greenery along with the softer floral tones.

At Hosa, we love seeing the new trends in wedding bouquets, but even more than that, we love providing the flowers that will be carried down the aisle. This year, help brides find the perfect arrangement by shopping our selection of flowers!

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