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Spray Roses Step Into The Spotlight

Spray Roses Step Into The Spotlight on

A rising star that’s been there all along

Spray roses haven’t had an easy go of it. For years, they were taken for granted. Often, they had to live life in the shadow of their more famous and glamorous cousin, the long-stemmed rose.

But something funny happened on the way to the flower shop. Thanks to improved varieties, new characteristics, and fashion trends, spray roses are taking center stage in arrangements and bouquets – and the recognition is long overdue.

Building a better spray rose

Spray roses are distinguished by their growth habit. Rather than a single bloom at the end of a stem, sprays have several branches coming off of the center stem. Each of these branches ends in a bloom.

In the past, spray roses had three flowers in various stages of maturity, from tight bud to full flower. New varieties, like those developed by HOSA International, now feature five or more flowers per cluster – so that a single spray resembles a full bouquet.

In addition, HOSA’s spray roses have larger flowers with higher petal counts on each stem, and the flowers are all sitting at the same height on the stem.

Spray roses add that extra something

Spray roses were once almost an afterthought. The truth, though, is when spray roses are added to any arrangement, they are that extra something, and that extra something makes any arrangement extra special.

Because of their expanded size and array of colors, you get a lot of value when filling out any arrangement. And from boutonniere to bouquet, there is no job too small or too large for spray roses.

The new, fuller sprays create a lush appearance and their foliage provides an attractive background for all flowers. They are a simple way to make corsages, hair adornments, and even desserts more elegant, more romantic, and more magical. And increasing demand from your florists likely reflects this trend.

It’s always the season for spray roses

Spray roses come in a wide variety of colors, from white to pastels to hot pink – making them a flower for all seasons. In medium pink for a Mother’s Day arrangement, spray roses are delicate and sentimental. In shades of orange, they perk up an autumn centerpiece with their rich boldness.

With 26 years in the flower industry, HOSA International has always realized the star quality of spray roses. The new varieties we’ve developed are a tribute to our standards and those of our team of growers, and we are the official distributors for HOSA and Denmar Farms to wholesalers the US and Canada.

For more information on spray roses and any of our other beautiful varieties, please contact us at 1.800.535.3335 or complete our convenient online form.

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