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Popular Flower Trends Sprouting in 2019

Popular Flower Trends Sprouting in 2019 on

New year new blooms

It’s always fun seeing how popularity in flowers come and go through the years. 2018 saw a break from tradition with flowers at weddings. While the bridal party had their bouquets, they weren’t like past weddings. Local flowers started playing a bigger role, and simplicity was favored at reception tables instead of large arrangements. In the home we saw older style flowers, more traditional “table” flowers, take a central role. Families wanted tradition in the home, and they leaned toward flowers they would have seen in their grandma’s home. Is this a trend that will continue into the new year?

Homes are favoring dark simplicity

Whether we’re talking about vases or the flowers they hold, it appears homes are leaning more toward simplistic designs and dark flowers. Adding a touch of nature to arrangements to make them look more like something found on a walk rather than in a floral shop is on the rise. The darker flowers are bold and make a daring statement on tables and counters.

• Color of the year: The color of the year, according to PANTONE, is Living Coral. PANTONE doesn’t choose a color at random, they analyze trends and seek out colors that show up through an array of media, including art, film, and fashion. Living Coral is a soft pink that looks plucked from the ocean to adorn our lives with tranquility and warmth. Unlike vibrant pinks, this one is more muted, fitting perfectly in the trend of darker colors contrasted with softer ones.

• Pink is still in! We can see that pink and lighter tone flowers aren’t going away, but the pinks we’re seeing are muted and mixed with whites and other washed-out colors like pale lavender and powder blue. In these instances, the vases are often a light gray or vintage, translucent glass.

• Favoring the dark. Fall is often a time for dark, robust colors, but that may not be true in 2019. We’re seeing a rise in plenty of orange, red, and natural elements that harken to fall, but in flowers that aren’t traditional fall flowers.

• Marking the seasons. The interesting thing to see if people are leaning toward bringing the seasons into the home. This trend is more than simply buying what is available during specific seasons – it’s going with colors and arrangements that speak to the natural rhythms of the earth. The use of rich reds and yellows for summer are offset with candles of the same color and vibrant ferns and weeping vines.

Brides are choosing wild abundance

There’s still a time and place for meticulous arrangements as artful as the dress the compliment. But there are new trends on the horizon, and they’re all about nature.

• A study in green. More brides are foregoing flowers altogether and are filling their bouquets with vibrant greenery to offset their gowns. The arrangements are daring and dark, bringing the fertility of earth to harken the growth of a new chapter in life.

• Floral but wild. Even more, bouquets are adding a touch of the wild. In these arrangements, flowers are the central focus, but they’re offset with the addition of non-floral natural elements like pinecones and dark feathers.

• Saturation. Finally, we get to the flower arrangements, but they’re changing as well. It seems brides who use all flowers are opting for extremely vibrant colors: startling bright pinks, scarlets, and rich purples. The key ingredient with these bouquets is shocking colors that draw attention and exude a rich elegance for the bride.

Keeping trends alive at HOSA

At HOSA, we know that keeping ahead of trends is important in the flower industry. Trends aren’t something the floral industry can manipulate, we can only look at the data and design experts to see what consumers will choose and offer what they seek. 2019 is going to be a fun year for flowers. While we see a shift in colors and arrangements happening, more and more people are choosing flowers that are traditional, but with a spark of newness to keep homes and bouquets stylish, interesting, and inviting.

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