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Petal It Forward: A Floral Event to Grow Your Business

Petal It Forward: A Floral Event to Grow Your Business on

Spread happiness while building brand recognition for your floral business on October 24, 2018

The obvious intent of anyone in the floral industry is to sell flowers and arrangements, but the true purpose of the job involves conveying emotion, delivering joy and comfort, and brightening not only the days but also the lives of clients and their loved ones. Essentially, we bring more beauty to the world.

The Petal It Forward event offers an altruistic opportunity to do just that.

The Society of American Florists (SAF) is holding its second annual Petal It Forward event on October 24, 2018. During the event, florists provide a random act of kindness by giving passersby two bouquets: one to give and one to keep, while requesting that recipients post to social media with the hashtag #petalitforward. Not only is Petal It Forward a great way to engage with your community but it’s also an excellent opportunity to market your floral business, and now’s the time to start planning.

Peddle your petals

Giving the gift of flowers is an exchange of kindness. Petal It Forward involves both giving and getting, encourages the sharing of happiness, and associates your business’s name with a gesture of joy. Modern-day consumers appreciate companies that are purpose-driven and involved with their local community and generally enjoy sharing surprises on social media platforms, making the event a win-win for both participants and recipients.

It’s also fun to see a new side of your community and interact with potential customers in a way you may not have experienced in the past

Plant the seed

If you’re interested in participating in Petal It Forward on Wednesday, October 24, 2018, there are a few steps to get started and ensure success. To begin:

Sign your business up to be included on the event list.

• Decide what you will offer – small bouquets, single roses, etc. – and order all necessary supplies.

• Brainstorm about potential locations to host the event. A community area with a lot of foot traffic or visibility is your best bet for widespread exposure.

• Assign tasks to relevant staff members, including ordering, flower arranging, advertising, and passing out bouquets on the day of the event.

• Develop a marketing plan. Spread the joy and increase visibility by finding new ways to get the word out.

Grow your audience

Everyone loves a feel-good story, and Petal It Forward is certainly share-worthy. Good publicity involves getting your message in front of an interested audience. Approach the various voices of your community to raise awareness of this fun event.

In a post about the abundance of press coverage received last year, Jennifer Sparks, SAF’s Vice President of Marketing said, “With a bit of effort, preparation and luck, your business could garner similar coverage for your Petal It Forward event this year on October 24. Now is the time to start thinking about your publicity push and build a press list.”

SAF offers support by providing advice to members about creating a press list, a media outreach timeline, a customizable media advisory, press release, and suggested talking points on their website.

Create a spreadsheet that includes local reporters, newspapers, radio stations, news outlets, and community-related social media pages that include relevant contact information and sends your press release far and wide.

Creating signage for your shop and adding event information on your website and social media are also effective ways to support your efforts. Don’t forget to emphasize the hashtag component of your campaign.

On the day of Petal It Forward, relax and have fun with it. Engage with recipients, start a conversation around who they might give the second bouquet to, and include a branded business card or brochure with information about the event, including the hashtag.

Share relevant social media posts from participants on your own social media timelines, and with the media contacts you reached out to initially.

Petal It Forward allows your business to plant seeds of happiness in your community and grow roots of brand awareness in your local area. Get into the spirit of giving and sharing and watch joy blossom around you while your business blooms.

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