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Non-Traditional Flowers Lovers Love

Non-Traditional Flowers Lovers Love on

It’s not all about roses

Roses are timelessly associated with love. In the earliest days of civilization, it was told the gods and goddess used roses to show their love for dying or lost lovers. It’s easy to see how the soft petals, painted in vibrant reds and pinks, could hypnotize humans and make them dream of love. Roses hold a special spot in our hearts, but no love is the same as another. People are unique, and in today’s world uniqueness is celebrated, stepping out from the dusty closets and rejoicing in what makes us different.

In a celebration of our difference and what makes us unique, what flowers can be gifted between lovers other than the rose?

Secret love

We’ve all had that one person we loved but were too afraid to tell them for fear they wouldn’t feel the same. While we may give them flowers to show them how much we care, we can slip in hints without going full roses on them.

The yellow acacia, white gardenia, and yellow tulip are excellent choices if love wants to be shown, but not said. While the tulip may show a bit more of the lover’s hand, it sends a second message that you’re aware the love may not be reciprocated, and you don’t care. The tulip shows there is no logical reason the love exists, but it’s there all the same.

Of course, bouquets are rarely one flower, so mixing these up together, or adding them with other flowers the receiver likes is a good place to start. The smaller, wispy blooms of the acacia would work as the perfect accent to a bouquet, while the gardenia – reminiscent of the rose – could make up the meat of the arrangement.

Romance in full bloom

Love isn’t meant to be hidden. When both people feel it, it’s time to jump in with both feet. We’re talking bold, heavily scented, and unashamed. One flower that hits all these markers is jasmine. It’s heavily scented, elegant, and a bold statement of romantic love.

If this love has been around for a while, forget-me-not is a great choice. These dainty flowers are numerous, just like the memories made through the course of the relationship.

If something less traditional and a bit more exotic is preferred, you can never go wrong with the dittany. The thin, pointed petals and long, curling stamens are evocative of passion and love. Suggest this one for couples, and watch their night get off to a good start!

New lovers

There’s no better feeling in the world when we meet someone who lights up our life. The first kindling of romance feels light and warm in our chest, and we don’t want to focus on it too much because we could feel ourselves falling into something we couldn’t (and wouldn’t want to) crawl out of.

While the yellow daffodil doesn’t exactly represent love, it does represent new beginnings. Lesser known about this flower is that it stands for luck. New lovers could use the representation of their freshly budding romance as well as luck for the future.

If something beautiful and bold is desired, we suggest the gillyflower. The vibrancy of these blooms and the perfume can’t be confused. It’s a good way of stating our intentions from the start, loud and clear, so we’re both on the same page. However, if the lovers are young, why not suggesting primroses? This waifish flower is known for its innocence, making it a great choice for new lovers.

At Hosa, we love love. We love knowing our flowers are going into the hands of couples, new or older. We love that our blooms are mending hearts and lighting up faces. The beginning of something new, or the celebration of something that’s withstood the years, should always be celebrated with gorgeous flowers, and that’s what you’ll find with us.

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