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Miami Is a Brief Home for Flowers from Around the World

Miami Is a Brief Home for Flowers from Around the World on

Miami is where a flower’s life begins in the U.S.

There are other travelers visiting Miami International Airport (MIA), and they’re not human. If you’re at MIA, you may notice a wonderful smell in the air. That smell likely comes from all the flowers that make a pitstop in Florida before they head off on the next leg of their journey.

A flower’s journey is a quick one, with very little downtime for the blossom. If you bought a flower, chances are good that it visited Miami before it ever landed in your hands. Why’s that? Because nearly 80 percent of all cut flowers, you buy come from another country. With that amount coming in from around the world, it’s easy to see how flowers rank so high among imported goods.

Where do they come from?

UPS transports billions of cut flowers to the US every year, and each flower has a specific country of origin. Those roses you’re preparing could have come from Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya, or India. If it’s tulips your customers prefer, they could be coming in from Holland. That carnation that will wind up in someone’s centerpiece could have come from India, Kenya, or China. If the rose, iris, or lily did originate in the U.S., it likely came from California.

While there are certainly more ports flowers come through into the US, the most popular is in Miami. Other ports of entry just don’t have the space to handle the demand of the floral industry.

But it’s not over for flowers when they arrive in Miami.

What happens when they arrive?

Cut flowers need cold storage, and they find it in abundance at MIA in a cold warehouse the size of five basketball courts. Since these flowers are coming from other countries, they need to be analyzed for alien pests that could infect domestic plants.

The Customs and Border Protection Agency have agents specially trained for agriculture, and depending on the season, they could inspect millions of flowers. Sometimes they find more than pests trying to be smuggled into the country through the boxes the flowers come in and in the actual plant itself. It takes a keen eye to notice some of these abnormalities in the flowers, but the agents are highly trained and adept at catching discrepancies in shapes and appearance of plants.

Once the flowers are cleared, MIA has special warehouses for each of the flowers to be sorted into and stored. Now that they’re cleared, they’re ready to be transported to shops eager to display the gorgeous blooms for their customers to share with those who matter most to them.

Now that you know how flowers get to you and where they come from, why not take a look at our new additions? We’re particularly fond of the alstroemeria and the gerberas and think they would make a real impression with your customers. They’ve certainly stolen our heart.

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