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Making Beauty Last: Prolonging the Life of Your Flowers

Making Beauty Last: Prolonging the Life of Your Flowers on

We all want special moments and special beauty to linger on

Flowers go through a lot from grower to seller, and it happens quickly. While many flowers don’t hang around at a seller for long, you want to make sure they’re not wilting a day or two after customers get them. Flowers are given for special occasions, and customers are going to want the feeling they had when they were given the flowers to last, reminding them of the person who gave them, the reason they were given, and to bask in the emotion their fragrant blooms evoke.

Share this information with your customers, and they will be grateful for all the ways they can keep their treasured flowers vibrant for longer.

Sweeten the deal!

There’s a reason flower come with plant food: there’s sugar in it! Sugar feeds the cut flowers, providing vital nutrients, and it allows the blooms to open more fully. But sugar also helps other things grow, like bacteria. To combat the bacteria, make sure that none of the leaves or petals droop into the water, and add a bit of vinegar. Vinegar will kill the bacteria and keep the water cleaner.

Make sure you’re trimming the stems between each change of water, which should be done every couple days to keep the plant hydrated and fed. You can make this solution up in advance, though it’s suggested you use warm water. Add three tablespoons of sugar, and two tablespoons of vinegar to a liter of water, and you’re set! If you don’t have vinegar to kill the bacteria, a few drops of bleach will also do the trick.

Sunlight is the enemy

Indirect light is good. It gives the flowers the vitamin D they need and fosters excellent health, but if you’re putting your cut flowers in direct sunlight, you can expect them to wilt faster. That may seem like a misnomer since flowers tend to flourish in sunlight while in their natural habitat. The issue with direct sunlight is it ups the heat, and since the flowers are cut, they prefer to keep things cool to slow down their natural cycle of growth, bloom, and death. Knowing that heat is the issue will help you select the right spot away from sunlight and other items in your home that generate heat.

Aspirin does more than kill pain

Remember that nasty bacteria we talked about before? Turns out it really doesn’t like aspirin. Aspirin is another way you can kill the bacteria, keep the water clean, and preserve your flowers. The recommended measurements of aspirin vary. Some people say to use two aspirin, others say to add one. What everyone agrees to is crushing the aspirin before adding it to the vase of water for your cut flowers, and it will keep them in bloom longer.

Do more with your leftover drinks

Now, we know people buy drinks to actually drink, but if you have some soda leftover from a bottle that’s sat on the counter and gone flat, add it to your vase! It doesn’t necessarily have to be clear, but we recommend a clear soda. The sugar from the soda acts just as plain sugar would, but it’s already combined into a solution and doesn’t require any mixing on your part. You can also combat that pesky bacteria with a few drops of vodka. It turns out that vodka will help give your flowers the much-needed nourishment it would typically get in nature. Better yet, put the soda and vodka together because your flowers love cocktails too!

There are three takeaways to preserving flowers: bacteria and heat are bad for cut flowers while sugary solutions are good. Acid is what you need to kill the bacteria, and you can get that acidic balance from all kinds of things, including old pennies, though be careful with adding certain acids. During studies, some researchers found that too many pennies opened the flowers quickly and caused them to wilt faster than other forms of acid. And if you were wondering, yes, you can use any of these combinations of treatment with flower food. The flower food will help give a nice boost to your flowers along with the other methods described above.

Customers love tips and tidbits of knowledge to keep their flowers and their warm memories lingering around the home. Take a look at some of our new arrivals, and when your next customers place an order for them, share your flower-preserving knowledge!

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