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How Important Is The Vase?

How Important Is The Vase? on

Choosing the right one for the right flowers

Purchasing flowers can be a trying decision – especially when it comes to the vase. While there are consumers who will simply purchase a bouquet and drop it into any old container of water, there are others who see the vase as an extension of the flowers.

As it turns out, though, not all vases are created equal. Some are better suited for particular flowers and their stems and blooms, while others help incorporate the flowers into a room’s or event’s décor.

A few things to consider when selecting a vase

•  Clear glass vs. opaque: Some designers warn consumers to stay away from glass vases. The feeling is that the clear glass highlights the stems, which then takes away from the flowers being the center of attention. That being said, clear glass vases can help extend the creativity of the floral designer.

Colorful glass stones, cranberries, beads can be placed in the vase to help the stems stand up, give weight to the vase, and compliment the bouquet.

•  Flower color vs. vase color: If opting for an opaque vase, a neutral color always works best. White or black vases, for example, help make the flower colors pop. If a colorful vase is chosen, that color should complement rather than compete with the flower color.

•  The number of flowers: This sounds like a no-brainer, but a single bud should not be placed in a vase wide enough to accommodate a full bouquet. It will only look lonely and lost.

•  Stem length: A good rule of thumb is for stems to be no more than 1.5 to 2 times the height of the vase. For roses with 20” stems, for example, the vase should be 10” to 13” tall.

Vases and their basic shapes

•  Tall cylinder vases provide dramatic structure for long-stemmed flowers that require bloom room and demand attention. Roses, lilies, alstroemerias, and hydrangeas can all handle the space and size of a tall cylinder.

•  Trumpet-shaped vases are wide at the bottom, narrow in the neck, and then flared at the top. If it’s smooth, the vase looks modern; with handles and/or ornate decorations, it looks more traditional. No matter the style, though, the design allows for stems to open up in the bottom and be held tightly together in the neck as if held in the hand of a floral designer.

The vase is best used with a few stems for a simple look or flower varieties with thin-stems for an abundant display. Gerberas or alstroemerias will feel quite at home in such a vase.

•  The fishbowl or sphere requires some stem trimming so flowers are held at the wide-mouth opening of the vase. Hydrangeas, roses, and gerberas will take on a whole new appearance when displayed in this low and round bowl.

•  The bud vase is the baby of the bunch – small enough and big enough to celebrate the beauty and significance of a single special flower. Whether it’s a single red rose for love or a grouping of single gerberas for fun, the bud vase holds its own against the tallest of vases.

•  Not all vases are round. Cube, square, and rectangular vases – which can be short or tall or anywhere in between – add a whole new geometric dimension to floral design and creativity.

HOSA International flowers on display

At HOSA International, we are incredibly proud of the versatility of our flowers. Our spectacular roses are as comfortable in a tall cylinder vase as they are in a sphere; our gerbera daisies are as colorful in a trumpet vase as they are in a line of bud vases down the center of a table.

For more information about HOSA International, our flowers, our policies, and what we can do for you, or to place a wholesale order, call us at 305.470.9991 or complete our online form.

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