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Flowers to Warm the Cold Winter Holidays

Flowers to Warm the Cold Winter Holidays on

Add cheer and color through winter with flowers

Winter conjures images of snowball fights, snowmen, red noses, cold toes, and curling up before the fire with a mug of hot chocolate in our hands. This is the dead season. The plants have retreated to the sheltering arms of the earth. Snow and cold rule supreme and our thoughts turn to warmth and comfort. We don’t consider that plants have a place in our cold, cloudless nights. What could survive the brutal wind of winter nights?

No matter the season, flowers can be showcased around homes to lift our spirits and remind us of spring waiting for us just past the deep valley of the winter solstice.

Flowers for your silent night

Christmas is a special time to celebrate with family and friends. We come together in love and joy for good cheer and great food. There are many flowers we know that are specific to Christmas, like the poinsettia and the amaryllis, but why go traditional? People are craving more uniqueness in their lives, and that’s what these flowers will add to their arrangements.

The alstroemeria isn’t a flower you typically associate with Christmas, but it’s the perfect addition to any arrangement, bringing the promise of spring that much closer to our celebrations and giving us another reason to rejoice. It’s easy to lose sight of summer behind us and spring before us in the long nights of winter, but the alstroemeria, with its bold coloring and lily-like appearance, is adept at reminding us. Choose darker colors to offset your decorations or lighter colors to lift the mood.

Red roses come in a variety of shades beyond the red we’re used to. Typically, these flowers stand for love, but the deeper red of the Black Baccara adds the perfect contrast to lighter flowers. The petals are lush and velvety, lending warmth to the mind and soul.

The stark white of our hydrangeas will draw the eye to the deeper tones of the red rose and the alstroemeria. The soft, smaller petals look like snow so our arrangement will look like its very own winter wonderland. Use our white and pink alstroemeria to bridge the gap between the rose and the hydrangeas to make arrangements really sing.

Flowers to ring in the new year

We’re a tiny step closer to spring. We’re putting an end to the past and welcoming the newness of another year. New Year is full of confetti, streamers, and celebration. Arrangements should match the tone.

Our first selection would be the whimsical dianthus. We’ve selected the neon purple dianthus to represent the coming first day and the newness of the year. The flowers are small enough to remind us that the year is still young and there’s a burst of promise ahead of us. There’s potential to grow and become more but to enjoy the present moment for it’s fleeting, like the gentle petals of this flower.

The Blue Moon rose is a bit larger, but it draws us into the arrangement. It’s not as vibrant purple as the dianthus, but that’s good because too much dark would get lost and monotonous.

Finally, we’re adding some carnations. The Odesa carnation gives us a hint of white around the edges and is a nice way of bringing out all the lavender we’ve put together. The petals mirror the elegance of the dianthus while the colors both mirror and contrast the other flowers.

At HOSA, we believe flowers have a place in everyone’s hearts and homes no matter the season. With a bit of planning and thinking on the spirit of the season and weather, it’s easier to find flowers that enhance the mood and ambiance of gatherings.

You don’t have to go traditional to capture the essence and spirit of the season; make arrangements that are unique and lovely while maintaining the essence of what brings us together in the first place.

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