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How Florists Can Prep for Valentine’s Day

How Florists Can Prep for Valentine’s Day on

7 steps to win the gold this February

The stage is set. The field is ready. Weeks and months of preparation and training are going to be put to the test, as all eye focus not on the athletic venues of South Korea, but on the floral industry and the Olympic-sized operation that is Valentine’s Day.

When it comes to flowers, February 14 always runs a close second to Mother’s Day. In terms of logistics, freshness, and the monumental task of delivering bouquets of love on a single date though, nothing comes close to the grueling marathon that is Valentine’s Day. Here, then, are a few last-minute reminders to ensure that this V-Day is worthy of a gold medal.

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare

If you haven’t done so already, it’s imperative for florists to stock up on items prior to the arrival of the fresh flowers that will be part of Valentine creations. These include ribbons, vases, cards, strawberries, chocolates, hard-to-get accent flowers, and other V-Day necessities, as well as floral supplies.

Once in the house, take advantage of the calm before the storm to put together boxes, wrapping, and ribbons, and to hand-tie greens for future vase drop-in. Single-stem roses should be wrapped and ready to go.

2. Speaking of storms

Have a Plan B or a Plan C to circumvent glitches big and small. Weather, of course, can be the biggest hurdle. Several years ago, a Valentine’s Day blizzard forced many NYC florists to get creative in getting flowers into their shops, and then to get those same flowers delivered to clients.

3. Think beyond red roses

Without a doubt, red roses are the biggest sellers on Valentine’s Day – but not every relationship is ready for red and not everyone likes roses. Consider roses of another color – such as pink or yellow – for relationships that haven’t quite reached the red rose stage. At the same time, look into other floral sources of red, such as alstroemeria, gerberas, and LA lilies.

4. Beware of the procrastinators

Valentine’s Day is always on February 14 but somehow manages to sneak up on people, year after year after year. Last-minute orders are as much a part of the holiday tradition as are red roses.

To lower the number of last-minute shoppers, encourage early ordering by offering an incentive, such as free delivery or including complimentary chocolates with each order.

5. Build your team

Keeping the operation running smoothly most likely means hiring some additional people and possibly renting extra delivery trucks. Some new employees will need time to be trained in what their roles will be in the production line – from prepping flowers and greens to tying ribbons or wrapping small gifts to go with each arrangement. Also, consider making one key employee the delivery manager.

On the big day, treat your team to lunch, and make sure the people are as well-hydrated as the flowers.

6. Website updates and marketing

In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, conduct an email blast to your customers and include a coupon. Review your company’s website to make sure prices are up-to-date, and that online ordering is secure and streamlined.

7.Refer to last year’s records

Guiding your decisions for this year is a review of your records from last year. What worked? What didn’t work? How many stems were sold last year? What were the most efficient delivery routes? Take time to learn from the past and, of course, keep detailed records of this Valentine’s Day for next year’s extravaganza.

HOSA International, flowers, and love

This is crunch time; time to put the flower petal to the metal. At HOSA International, our blooms – from premium roses to spray roses to everything in between – are grown with love. We think that’s what makes them extra special, extra colorful, and extra romantic.

We’d also like to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day; one that is filled with love and success.

For more information about HOSA International, our flowers, our policies, and what we can do for you, or to place a wholesale order, call us at 305.470.9991 or complete our online form.

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