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Everyone Deserves a Rose Lily

Everyone Deserves a Rose Lily on

The rose lily feeds our love of pink

The rose lily is one of nature’s newest editions, and they’re taking the industry by storm. Their gentle presence and fragrance have enchanted many people in their short existence. When the double-layer of soft, velveteen petals open, it makes us happy we’re able to exist at the beginning of the rose lily’s evolution. The team that brought us the rose lily is hard at work to produce more varieties, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next.

The rose lily proves new can be better

Did we mention they’re new? While many gorgeous flowers we enjoy have their roots in antiquity, the same can’t be said for the double-flowering rose lily. De Looff Lily Innovation is run by three genius brothers who have a passion for lilies and breeding them. While their company was formed in the late 1990s, the first discovery of double-flower seedlings didn’t come about until 2001. It was only a few short years later that the rose lily was born.

The amazing thing is the discovery was a complete accident. While the brothers had been hard at work breeding and hybridizing lilies, they found a seedling they termed a “freak of nature.” But it was a discovery that would change how they did business. They weren’t initially able to sell the seedling, but from that one seedling, they grew their fame. Now their focus has shifted from breeding lilies to focusing their efforts on the double-layered rose lily. Since the first flowering, they’ve strengthened the flower and made it heartier. Where the original flower drooped, now it stands proud.

Originally the rose lily was only available in pink, but with careful planning and breeding, white has emerged in coloration. It’s obvious these flowers are here to stay, and the variety promised in the coming years, is exciting. In just a few short years, the rose lily has gone from a single type to a variety of more than eight.

Melting resistance to Oriental lilies

When it comes to Oriental lilies, the main complaints are pollen stains and an overbearing fragrance.

Why would people want the rose lily? Is it that different from traditional Oriental lilies? The answer is: yes. Unlike all other Oriental lilies, the rose lily doesn’t produce any pollen. This is great news because it means those with allergies can enjoy the beauty and soft, gentle fragrance. It also means no one will have to worry about the characteristic pollen stain that often comes from Oriental lilies when we happen to brush against them.

Rose lilies are available for the public to enjoy

At HOSA we love making a difference in the offerings you provide to your customers. The rose lily is a new flower that many people haven’t heard of yet, but one look at the depth of beauty and the advantages it has over traditional Oriental lilies will make this gem the centerpiece of many landscaping projects. Take a look at the rose lily colors we have available today.

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