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Dramatic Fall Flowers Add Color to Weddings

Dramatic Fall Flowers Add Color to Weddings on

Fall is in full swing

Fall weddings are on the rise. While summer used to be the season people would tie the knot, people are becoming attracted to fall to take their vows. Summer has long been thought the time for flowers. So many are in bloom, and there’s a wide array to choose from. But there are many things to love about fall. The cooling weather that heralds the end of summer and the beginning of winter.

While colors seem to fade from the world and most flowers go dormant, we’re still left with stark shades: rich oranges, vibrant reds, deep browns, and shocking yellows. It’s a season that makes us feel cozy, helps us slow down and give thanks for the love we shared through the year. When you think of fall this way, tying up the year and remembering all we shared together, weddings seem the perfect way to celebrate.

So many fall choices!

While it may be easy to choose oranges and reds to capture the essence of fall for a wedding, there are many other colors to choose from. Brides are electing to mix their vibrant colors with softer, subtler fall flowers in peach, white, and blush. Think marsala when helping arrange flowers. This adds a splash of softness that really brings out the deeper colors in a piece. Still, there’s no better way to contrast a wedding dress than with bold colors. Help brides set their bouquet off with a nice blend of lighter tones and dark, daring flowers.

Try enticing those brides-to-be with a unique floral arrangement. Flowers are great, but bouquets can be contrasted with other plants. Succulents are a popular choice to add a nice green touch and really set the texture of the piece off. Taking it a step further, you can tie the wedding to nature. Romance isn’t all soft and loving, there’s passion, there are surging emotions, there’s strength. Capture the emotions that brought the happy couple to their wedding day by incorporating vines and even branches!

But what About the Vases?

Fall is rustic. We think of days past, the turning of the season, cold nights ahead of us with snapping fires and warm drinks. Step back from the traditional glass vases and think outside the box. Speaking of boxes, showcase arrangements in rustic wooden boxes to bring the celebration of fall right into the reception. Are you not in love with the wood idea? Choose inexpensive metals that enhance the richness of the display without taking away from the flowers. Copper is a great way to do this.

Creativity overload

While fall may not have been a popular time for weddings in the past, it is now. This is exciting for florists because it allows creativity to shine! Fall gives the opportunity to shine a light on flowers unique to late summer and fall that are often overlooked. We have colors and textures to choose from that aren’t often chosen. We can let our ideas flow and our minds wonder at the glory of the season, and we can celebrate our love for flowers while helping others celebrate their love of one another.

Selecting flowers and colors for fall weddings just got easier with our new arrivals. Discover lush colors to offer your customers to embrace fall to the fullest.

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