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Are Flowers Important for Non-Floral Businesses?

Are Flowers Important for Non-Floral Businesses? on

As a matter of fact, they’re bloomingly good

It goes without saying that flowers are good for the floral industry. High-quality blooms, availability, timeliness, and service all add up to a profitable venture from the growing fields to the local florist.

As it turns out, recent research indicates that flowers are also bloomingly good for non-floral businesses. From customer impressions to employee productivity, flowers say and do an awful lot of good for the bottom line.

Flowers and the hotel industry

Travel to nearly any hotel in the world, and there are flowers in the lobby to welcome guests – and for good reason. Whether the arrangement is on a grand scale or more subdued one, the presence of flowers provides an opportunity for the weary traveler to breathe and relax. It’s also a reminder that the hotel took the time to see to every detail to have the guest feel welcome.

It’s also a means for the hotel to set itself apart from the competition. That’s why so many luxury hotels choose very specific floral styles to match the brand and the image they hope to project. From floral shops in the lobby to on-site floral designers, the ultimate goal is to deliver a special touch to patrons.

Flowers and the office reception area

These same ideas are making their way into the workplace. There, flower arrangements in the reception area welcome visitors and business associates, providing color and warmth, elevating moods and lowering anxiety, and delivering a refreshing contrast to stale office life.

Floral arrangements, just by their presence, deliver another message. They indicate a company that pays attention to details, which translates into a company that is more capable of handling business matters, particularly those that require meticulousness.

Flowers and the workplace

If flowers can have this sort of impact on travelers to a hotel or visitors to an office, imagine what flowers can do for employees. Dr. Roger Ulrich of Texas A&M University researched that exact topic.

In his study, which was spread over eight months, subjects performed various problem-solving exercises in several workplace environments: one without any decorations, one with a sculpture, and one with flowers and plants. Results consistently demonstrated that workers in the floral environment produced more innovative ideas and solutions – and for many businesses, this provides the edge that’s needed in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.

Flowers and HOSA International

At HOSA International, we know that flowers have a tremendous ability to deliver so many messages, both personal and professional. That’s why we’re thrilled to not only share our blooms but to encourage all of our clients to reach out in new and innovative ways to make flowers accessible to all sorts of professions.

For more information about HOSA International, our flowers, our policies, and what we can do for you, or to place a wholesale order, call us at 305.470.9991 or complete our online form.

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