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2018’s Blog Harvest

2018’s Blog Harvest on

Like flowers, our database of knowledge keeps on growing into the new year!

Where else are you going to find all the great information, tips, and history of flowers that cropped up in 2018? Right here, all in one place! As you take a digital stroll through our garden of blogs, what will you carry with you into the new year? What information can you utilize to grow your business and customer base? We hope your 2019 is a fertile one, full of stability and growth!

Flower wisdom

Everyone Deserves a Rose Lily

Where Did Flowers Come From?

Saving That Special Flower or Bouquet

When a Rose Has A Grassheart

How to Hybridize A Lily

My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose

What’s Blooming in 2018

Educating A New Generation About Fresh-Cut Flowers

The World’s Most Expensive Flowers

Where the World’s Seeds Go

Flower tools and arrangements

The Right Tools for the Job: A Look at Florist Knives and Shears

How Important Is The Vase?

Dramatic Fall Flowers Add Color to Weddings

Dianthus Adds Spice to Bouquets

The Bouquets, They Are A-Changin

Flowers to Warm the Cold Winter Holidays

Flower business

Petal It Forward: A Floral Event to Grow Your Business

How Technology Can Enhance the Wholesale Floral Industry

From Grower to Market: How Flowers Get to You

Are Flowers Important for Non-Floral Businesses?

How Florists Can Prep for Valentine’s Day

HOSA International Donates Hundreds of Flowers to Francis in the Schools

The Floral Industry’s Labor Of Love

The Rainforest Alliance in Colombia And Ecuador

Popular Flower Trends Sprouting in 2019

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Flower Distributor

Flower Distributor